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Personnel is the most valuable asset of the company. To find the key players is not always simple with traditional recruiting ways.

Target Headhunting is an effective partner for recruiting management level executives and directors, sales directors, sales professionals and technical experts. No matter if the recruiting process is public or done in a silent way by headhunting, Target Headhunting finds the best candidates carefully and descretely. When necessary, individual assesments for candidates are carried out by our own psychologist.

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Successful headhunting in Finland requires a blend of local market knowledge, digital savvy, industry specialization, and a focus on soft skills and team dynamics.

Recruitment services for the Finnish and Swedish customers

We have an office in Helsinki and Stockholm. Rubino Rekrytering and Target Headhunting act as the clients’ recruitment partner in the recruitment of salespeople, experts and management in Finland and Sweden. 

When customers expand to a new market, the importance of successful recruitment is emphasized, especially when hiring a country manager or strengthening the sales organization with new recruitments.

Key factors to consider in headhunting process

Successful customer cases - At your service

CEO / Kymenlaakson Taksi Oy 

When the values of a company and a professional align, magic happens. 

Sales Director recruitment / Elektrolind Oy 

”The recruitment partner enabled us to focus on our own business and saved us time, money, effort, and nerves” summarizes Janne Barck, CEO of Elektrolind Oy. 

Successful outsourcing of key ICT role / MicroMedia Oy

MicroMedia Oy outsourced the urgent recruitment of a key ICT professional following a significant outsourcing project win. They chose Target Headhunting as their partner, specializing in executive search, to quickly find a sales expert with ICT industry experience. This targeted search ensured an efficient process, saving time and delivering a high-quality recruitment outcome. According to Petri Ojanen, MicroMedia’s Chief Strategy Officer, the entire process was handled professionally, and the selected key personnel has proven to be a successful addition to the outsourcing project.

Field Sales / Acal BFi Nordic AB

”Finding the right sales expertise – mutual suitability is crucial.  Target Headhunting  has better channels to easily find the expertise that we are lacking” says Päivi Estakari, Country Manager of Acal BFi. 

VP, Sales and Marketing / Bluetech Finland